circleConverting a PaintShop Pro Tube to a Painter Nozzle

If you are a Windows user and have both Painter and PaintShop Pro, and want to use the tubes that came with PaintShop Pro in Painter too (as its nozzles), you can convert the tubes into nozzles by following these steps:

  1. In PaintShop Pro, open the picture tube file you want to convert as an image.
  2. Save the image (which should be a group of images on a single transparent layer) in Photoshop format (PSD).
  3. In Painter, open the PSD file you have just saved.
  4. In the Info palette, check out the canvas size in pixels and calculate the area size for each of the images. For example, if you have tube items in four columns and three rows and the canvas size is 236 pixels in width and 582 pixels in height, then the size of each item is 59 pixels in width and 194 pixels in height.
    Info Palette
    (The above is "Ragweed" nozzle that came with Painter IX, used as an example.)
  5. In the Layers palette, move to the transparent layer. From the Layers menu, choose "Drop and Select".
  6. In the File menu, select "Get Info".
  7. Type the nozzle setting into the Get Info dialog. For example, if you have four columns and three rows of items of size 59 x 194, you should type "image hose 12 items (height 194, width 59)". Click "OK" to close the dialog. (Note that height comes first here.)
  8. Save the image as Painter's native RIF file.
  9. From the Nozzle Selector menu (the Nozzle palette menu in Painter 7 and earlier), choose "Load Nozzle", and select the file you have just saved.
    Nozzle Selector Menu
  10. In the Nozzle Selector menu, choose "Add Nozzle to Library", and save the loaded nozzle into the current library by giving it a name.

(Last Modified: 2005/09/30)