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Hiroshi YOSHII / Hiroshi Yoshii Online Portfolio
Foremost teacher of Painter in Japan and a contributor to the Painter WOW! Book. Also excels in Zbrush.

Yoshio SUGIURA / Junk Painting
Enter the Gallery through the Graphics link at bottom left. Use his artist links pages to visit more galleries.

Kaori FUJITA / Fujita Scale 5
Enter from the link at the bottom and go to Gallery through the "Information" link.

Akifumi YAMAMOTO / Dagarou
Enter the gallery through the second left of the links on the top page. On the gallery index page, the items at the bottom are the newest.

Rco (Aruko) WADA / Tetsuwan Nitro
Click on the small dots lined at top right to see the pictures.

Some more links without banners:

Yoshihiro ATSUMI / ATM

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