These web pages are authored by a user of Corel Painter who goes by the web nickname of "Kaburaya" (which is quite similar to the true family name), a Japanese citizen who has received graduate-level education in Japan (English language) and the United States (English) and now works as a freelance translator (English-Japanese / Japanese-English). "Kabura" means "turnip," and "ya" is "shop" or "brand of."

As a translator, I specialize in literature, fine art, and crafts and ceramics.

I wanted to be a manga artist as a teenager, but a training in art is something I have not been fortunate enough to receive.

Below are some of my Kuma (Teddy Bear) pictures. They have been done in Oekaki JAVA applet. You can take a look at how it works in my Oekaki BBS.



Skills: Languages (English and Japanese), scripting (HTML, text editor macros, Perl), illustration, graphics applications (Painter, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks, etc.), health-related trivia.

I take pride in being one of the certainly small number of Japanese to have completed "Fool's Errand," the 1988 puzzle game for the Macintosh.

Have used: pre-DOS computer since 1985 (NEC PC-8201); Macintosh computers since 1987 (SE); DOS PCs since 1989 (Toshiba laptops, NEC desktop, etc.); Windows PCs since 1998.