circleAccessing Painter 7 Help without JAVA or JavaScript

The Problem

The Painter 7 Help files, like that of some other applications, are written in HTML and add some functions by using JAVA and/or JavaScript. Some HTML browsers have problems running certain variations of JAVA applets and JavaScripts.

In environments which can run JAVA applets, the HTML browser is guided to the HTML page that takes advantage of it. When JAVA is not available, the browser is directed to the page that uses JavaScript, that is, Help/wwhelp/js/html/frames.htm under the Painter 7 folder. (Even when your browser is having trouble with the JAVA applet, it might be able to run the JavaScript version smoothly. It might help to try to load this page directly.)

But in some cases, the browser fails to open any of these frame pages which shows the index and the contents page side by side, and the usefulness of the help files is greatly reduced because it is hard to find the information you need without the index.

The Solution

The Painter 7 Help files are written in HTML, and the information pages can be opened by any browser without any problem. Thus these pages will become more accessible if there is an index that is written in simple HTML, without JAVA or JavaScript.

We need the frameset HTML page to show the index and the content page together as well as the Help Contents page and the Help Index page in simple HTML.

The Files

The Table of Contents page and the Help Index page can be created by editing (doing a series of "global replaces" on) the files "CorelPainterTOC.xml" and "CorelPainterIX.xml" in the Painter Help folder, respectively.

I put the details in a separate text file: How to Make These Files.

The edited files can be downloaded from the link below. To use these files, save the zipped file onto your computer and place the files (unzipped) in the Painter Help folder and open the "helpframe.html" file from the browser. Bookmark the address for later use.

(Last Modified: 2002/09/18)