circleWatercolor Wet Fringe

In Painter 6, the watercolor wet fringe looks like this (an effect I love very much). Texture: Handmade, Opacity: 12%, Grain: 1%, Water fringe: 50%, Diffusion: 0.

The fringes are on the outermost edge of the area painted with watercolor, none inside, and colors blend well.

When additional strokes are applied to an area where there is already wet paint, they dissolve smoothly into the wet area.
In Painter 7, the Soft Camel variant of Water Color brush does not create wet fringes. Texture: Handmade, Opacity: 16% (interacts with Brush Size / Feature), Resat: 100%, Bleed: 0%, Wetness: 139, Pickup: 15%, Dry Rate 40%, Evap Thresh: 66%, Diffuse Amt: 68%, Cap Factor: 0, Grain Soak-In: 0%. There is no setting for Wet Fringe.

Thinking that it is the diffusion that keeps the colors from forming fringes, I try changing Diffuse Amount to 0%. I get bristle marks that resemble Impasto. Not desirable. This does not change much when Diffuse Amount is raised to 10%. With Feature set at 3.3, and Dry Rate at 40%, I cannot get a smooth watery stroke when Diffuse Amount is lower than 60%.
Setting the Feature value lower makes the strokes smoother with denser color, but much, much slower. The value of about 3 is the limit on my system (Pentium III 1 GHz / 384 MB Ram / Windows 2000).
I set Diffuse Amount back to 68%, and lower Dry Rate to 10%. Nice, but I cannot get rid of the vague water pattern that is generated as the result of the (animated) diffusion of color dots.
These color dots in the diffusion animation are much larger than real pigment particles, and somehow are much darker in color than the color selected. (The captured image to the right is magnified 200%.)
Since the diffusion creates dark dots, applying the same light color over and over on the same area produces a dark color, which is unnatural.
Still working with the same brush variant, I raise wetness from 139 to 506. I still don't get the fringe on the outside, but fringes appear where new strokes overlap the existing stroke. This makes it impossible to color an area in multiple strokes and get a reasonable uniformity.
Same colors applied with Painter 6 watercolor. The colors are duller, but they mix well with no fringes inside.