circleBasic Brushes

Sketch Brushes

Included in this set (a brush category with its icon) are very basic brush variants which are very versatile.

sketch brushes

[ sketch brushes zip file ]

  • bristle -soft bristle brush that both colors and blends.
  • bristle blend - blender version of the above.
  • cover brush - 100% opaque brush to completely paint over underlying colors.
  • pencil - textured pencil in "Grainy Soft Cover" method. Lower "Grain" setting for less texture.
  • pencil blend - blender version of the above, with a little larger size.
  • sand - captured brush with "sandy" footprint.
  • sand blend - blender version of the above.
  • soft tip - soft and oily thick pencil.
  • soft tip blend - blender version of the above.

Soft and Watery

This is a set of brush variants (a brush category folder with its own icon) that has the feel of the old watercolor brushes of Painter 6.

watery brushes

[ watery brushes zip file ]

  • watery simple - paints softly with texture; round dab.
  • watery blend - mixes colors.
  • watery diffuse - diffuses the color edges.
  • watery fuzz - paints softly with texture; captured fuzzy dab.
  • watery fuzz blend - mixes colors; fuzzy dab.
  • watery fuzz diffuse - diffuses; fuzzy dab.
  • watery spatter - simulates spattered water with captured dab.
  • watery flat - simulates flat watercolor brush with captured dab.
  • watery flat rake - rake type flat brush; for use only on the canvas and non-transparent layers.

Pencil and Fudepen

pencil and fudepen An ordinary pencil with the cover method (can draw with white on darker colors) and a fudepen ("brush pen"), the pen with a flexible and tapered tip for Japanese calligraphic writing.

[ pencil smooth XML File ]
[ fudepen XML File ]

(Last Modified: 2003/05/23)